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Remortgage FAQs

Why can I not access the portal?
The external access to the remortgage portal is currently not available for us to access whilst restoration is taking place.
I have a completion due on the 1st December, will this still happen?
We await further information from CTS regarding safe access to our systems. In view of this, we are unable to manually and safely complete remortgage transactions, which we have made mortgage lenders aware of.
Who will cover the costs in respect of losses/higher rate of interest payable?
Where you have been directly impacted by the current outage, you should make contact with our Client Care Team at client.care@taylor-rose.co.uk who will be able to address your individual issue.
Please note: You may be asked for information or evidence to assist them in reviewing your position e.g copies of mortgage offers and redemption statements etc, it would be helpful if you can forward these on to the Client Care Team if you need to make contact with them.
Has my held data been affected?
We have not been provided with any information currently to suggest that data held by Taylor Rose MW has been compromised. Taylor Rose MW maintains its own parallel IT software security system that is not provided by CTS. Taylor Rose MW had already deployed additional security software prior to this outage, and that remains in place as protecting our client’s data is paramount.
What do i do if i am expecting to go on to SVR / my ERC expires after the 1st December?
As set out above, we cannot currently access our portal that assists us with remortgage transactions, however, once the system is operational, we anticipate that at that point we will be able to progress your remortgage.
Am I still able to return signed documentation to your office?
Yes, our offices are still receiving post. You should note that documents will be held pending our systems being available. Please send to our correspondence address which is:
Taylor Rose MW,
Start Hill,
Thremhall Park,
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7WE
What is happening to my funds I sent?
We have access to our bank and therefore any monies you have provided to us will be held as usual. Monies arriving during the outage will be allocated to your specific file upon full resumption of the system.
Is my mortgage lender aware of this?
Yes, we have informed lenders of the present position and are keeping them updated on a regular basis.
What if my question has not been answered from this page?
Our dedicated remortgage case handlers are still contactable via email or telephone, to assist with your questions, the number to reach them is set out below:-
02035401496, 02035400087, 02076114840, 02038896697, 02072423303, 01279351581
Alternatively, you can email your file handler using the format - firstname.lastname@taylor-rose.co.uk